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Amnesty International Campaign Manual


useful addresses

This appendix lists some of the organizations concerned with human rights worldwide and includes notes on their activities which are of interest to AI Action File coordinators. The information is based on Human Rights Internet, the Encyclopedia of Associations, and Encyclopedia of Associations: International Organizations. The organizations appear in the following order:

N    International/general human rights organizations / 298

N    Organizations that work on behalf of imprisoned lawyers and

        judges, and against legal system abuses / 298

N    Organizations that work against torture / 298

N    Organizations that work on behalf of writers and journalists / 299

N    Organizations that work on behalf of scientists and engineers / 299

N    Organizations that work on behalf of health professionals, and against medical or

        psychiatric abuse / 299

N    Organizations that work on religious cases / 299

N    Other human rights organizations / 300

N    Business ethics centres and information sources / 301

N    Women's non-governmental organizations / 302

International/general human rights organizations

International League for Human Rights (ILHR)/Ligue internationale des droits de l'homme

432 Park Avenue South,

Room 1103,

New York, NY 10016,

United States of America

Tel.: 212-684-1221

Fax: 212-684-1696

N especially for cases of human

rights advocates

N produces Human Rights

Bulletin (monthly), In Brief (series), ILHR Annual Review and special reports

Freedom House

120 Wall Street, 26th Floor,

New York, NY 10005,

United States of America

Tel.: 212-514-8040

Fax: 212-514-8050

N conducts worldwide survey of

human rights

N has a research and

documentation centre

N produces many publications

N gives awards

Human Rights Watch

485 Fifth Avenue,

New York, NY 10017,

United States of America

Tel.: 212-972-8400

Fax: 212-972-0905

N includes Africa Watch, Americas

Watch, Asia Watch, Helsinki Watch, and Middle East Watch

N publishes reports, including

Review of Department of State's Country Reports on Human Rights and the annual Summary of Persecution Against Human Rights Monitors

N lobbies the US Congress

N affiliated with the Fund for Free


International Federation for Human Rights/Federation internationale des droits de l'homme (FIDH)

14 Passage Dubail,

75010 Paris, France

Tel.: 1-40 37 54 26

Fax: 1-44 72 05 86

N conducts missions

N publishes 30 mission reports

each year, and a weekly newsletter in French N works in the defence of victims

of arbitrary abuses of human rights by government

N maintains a library

N has research programs

N sends observers to trials

N conducts public protests

Organizations that work

on behalf of imprisoned lawyers and judges, and against legal system abuses

International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)/Commission internationale des juristes (CIJ)

PO Box 160,

26, chemin de Joinville,

CH-1216 Geneva Cointrin,


Tel.: 22-7884747

Fax: 22-7884880

N sends observer missions to

trials of major significance

N includes the Centre for the

Independence of Judges and Lawyers, which works on behalf of lawyers persecuted or harassed for their professional work in upholding the principles of the rule of law

N publishes country reports,

and a quarterly newsletter

International Human Rights Law Group (IHRLG)

1601 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 700,

Washington, DC 20009,

United States of America

Tel.: 202-232-8500

Fax: 202-232-6731

N assists and cooperates, on a

pro bono basis, with non-governmental organizations in preparing complaints of human rights violations to be filed before international, regional, and domestic legal forums

N gives awards

N produces many publications

N has an affiliate: The Human Rights Advocates, PO Box 5675, Berkeley, CA 94705, Tel.: 415-540-8017

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights

330 Seventh Avenue,

Tenth Floor North,

New York, NY 10001,

United States of America

Tel.: 212-629-6170

Fax: 212-967-0916

N has volunteer lawyers

N helps with pro bono

representation of indigent political asylum applicants in the USA

N gives human rights medal

Human Rights Advocates International (HRAI)

341 Madison, 20th Floor,

New York, NY 10017,

United States of America

Tel.: 212-986-5555

Fax: 212-599-3027

N investigates allegations of

human rights violations

N maintains a law library of

international texts

N represents exiles

N publishes research results

Organizations that work against torture

World Organization Against Torture

37-39, rue de Vermont,

Case Postale 119,

CH-1211 Geneva,


Tel.: 22-7333140

Fax: 22-7331051

N works against torture,

"disappearances" and summary executions

N works closely with AI

N rapidly disseminates

information about people at risk of torture

N offers rehabilitative services

to victims of torture

N produces publications

Association for the Prevention of Torture

Case Postale 2267,

1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland

Tel.: 22-7342088

Fax 22-7345649

N visits detention centres

N publishes a newsletter in French

and German, How to Combat Torture and other publications

Organizations that work

on behalf of writers and


Writers and Scholars International

Lancaster House,

33 Islington High Street,

London N1 9LH,

United Kingdom

Tel.: 171-278 2313

Fax: 171-278 1878

N documents censorship and

repression on writers, artists, scholars, journalists and others worldwide N gets information from the IS

N publishes Index on Censorship

six times a year

Article 19

Lancaster House,

33 Islington High Street,

London N1 9LH,

United Kingdom

Tel.: 171-278 9292

Fax: 171-713 1356

International PEN

Writers in Prison Committee,

9/10 Charterhouse Buildings,

Goswell Road, London EC1M 7AT,

United Kingdom

Tel.: 171-2534308

Fax: 171-2535711

N works for the release of

imprisoned writers, journalists, translators and publishers

N will "adopt" imprisoned writers

as honorary PEN members

N gets information from the IS

N sends delegations to visit

imprisoned writers

N organizes letter-writing groups

N conducts research

N publishes biannual reports

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

330 Seventh Avenue, 12th Floor,

New York, NY 10001,

United States of America

Tel.: 212-465-1004

Fax: 212-465-9568

N works on behalf of imprisoned     

     journalists and editors

N publishes a quarterly newsletter;

CPJ Update, which includes the Committee's current case list and updates on cases; and many other publications, including the annual Attacks on the Press

N gives awards

N receives Freedom Writers


World Press Freedom Committee (WPFC)

c/o The Newspaper Center,

11600 Sunrise Valley Drive,

Reston, VA 22091,

United States of America

Tel.: 703-648-1000 Fax: 703-620-4557

N maintains a strong global voice

"against...those who abuse newsmen"

Organizations that work

on behalf of scientists and engineers

American Association for the Advancement of Science and Human Rights Program

1333 H Street, NW,

Washington DC 20005,

United States of America

Tel.: 202-326-6790

Fax: 202-289-4950

Organizations that work

on behalf of health

professionals, and against medical or psychiatric abuse

Geneva Initiative on Psychiatry

PO Box 1282,

NL-1200 BG Hiversum,


Tel.: 31-35-6838727

Fax: 31-35-6833646

e-mail: gip@euronet.nl

Joannes Wier Foundation

PO Box 1551,

3800 BN Amersfoort,

The Netherlands

Tel.: 033-726749

Fax: 033-726811

Physicians for Human Rights (Denmark)

Banegaardsplads 20,

DK 8000 Aarhus,


Tel.: 8619 6588

Fax: 8619 8393

The Association of Israeli-Palestinian Physicians for Human Rights (Israel)

PO Box 10235,

Tel-Aviv 61101,


Tel.: 3 5250526

Fax: 3 5250527

Physicians for Human Rights (UK)

Peter Kandela,

29 Greenlands Road,

Staines, Middlesex,

TW18 4LR, United Kingdom

Tel.: 0784 461999

Fax: 0784 469145

Physicians for Human Rights (USA)

100 Boylson Street,

Suite 702,

Boston, MA 02116,

United States of America

Tel.: 617 695 0041

Fax: 617 695 0307

Organizations that work

on religious cases

Christian Solidarity International

Zelglistrasse 64,

PO Box 70,

CH-8122 Binz,


Tel.: 1-980 4700

Fax: 1-980 4715

N works for religious freedom

N assists persecuted Christians

N provides legal aid to ensure a

fair trial, where possible

Christian Solidarity International

P.O. Box 70563,

Washington, DC 20024, USA

Tel.: 301-989-0298

Fax: 301-989-0398

N protests against religious


N has an "Adopt-a-Nation"

prayer and correspondence program

N gives awards

N holds human rights briefings

with members ofthe US Congress

N provides legal counsel for

arrested Christians

Pax Christi _ International Catholic Peace Movement

Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 21,

B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel.: 2-502 5550

Fax: 2-502 4626

N produces handbooks and

bibliographies on human rights

N publishes Pax Christi

International Newsletter six times a year N deals with peace, justice and

non-violence issues

N gives awards

Quaker United Nations Office

13, Avenue du Mervelet,

CH-1209 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel.: 22-7333393

Fax: 22-7340015

N publishes the quarterly QUNO


N publishes human rights reports

N lobbies on conscientious


World Jewish Congress,

American Section

501 Madison Avenue, 17th Floor,

New York, NY 10022, USA

Tel.: 212-755 5770

Fax: 212-755 5883

N defends the rights of Jews

whenever those rights are denied, violated, or imperiled

N produces many publications

and reports

Other human rights


International Trade Union House

Bd Emile Jacqmain 155,

B-1210 Brussels, Belgium

Tel.: 2-224 0211

Fax: 2-201 5815/203 0756

N defends fundamental human

and trade union rights

N maintains International

Solidarity Fund to provide assistance to workers who are victims of oppression

Minority Rights Group International

379 Brixton Road,

London SW9 7DE,

United Kingdom

Tel.: 171-978 9498

Fax: 171-738 6265

N publishes reports

N publicizes violations of human

rights of minorities

International Committee of the Red Cross

19, avenue de la Paix,

CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel.: 22-7346001

Fax 22-7332057

N visits political detainees


N works to ensure that political

prisoners' detention conditions conform to international standards

N seeks to ban torture and

summary execution

N produces an Annual Report and

publications on humanitarian law

National Lawyers Guild

55 Avenue of the Americas,

New York, NY 10013, USA

Tel.: 212-966-5000

N produces many publications

N has Central American Refugee

Defense Fund

N has sub-committees or task forces on:

Cuba, the Middle East, the Philippines, Southern Africa, Central America, Chile and Ireland

N works for the right of political


Defense for Children International

3 Stephen Place,

Ossining, NY 10562, USA

Tel.: 914-761-1641

Fax: 914-762-0316

N responds to individual cases of

human rights abuse against children

Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN)

3112 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

Washington, DC 20010, USA

Tel.: 202-328-9799

N provides emergency legal

assistance for refugees

N operates social service

referral program

N makes research on human

rights violations in El Salvador

N produces publications on


Survival International 310 Edgware Road

London W2 1DY

United Kingdom

Tel.: 171-7235535

Fax: 171-7234059

N seeks human rights for

indigenous peoples

N conducts missions

N provides speakers and

educational materials

N publishes biannual newsletter,

monthly Urgent Action Bulletin and reports

Center for Victims of Torture

717 East River Road,

Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA

Tel.: 612-626-1400

Fax: 612-626-2465

N provides medical and

psychological treatment for victims of torture

Business ethics centres and information sources


Caux Round Table

N forum for senior business

leaders and industrialists concerned with the development of constructive economic and social relationships between their countries and with their joint responsibilities towards the rest of the world. Plenary meetings take place each summer in the Swiss village of Caux (the conference centre of the Swiss Foundation for Moral Re-Armament). Largely due to the initiative of Ryuzaburo Kaku, Chairman of Canon Inc, the Round Table has focused increasingly on the necessity for an expanded sense of corporate responsibility in an interdependent world.

The Caux Round Table publishes a document called Principles for Business, a corporate code based on the ethical ideals of kyosei, a Japanese work for "living and working together for the common good", and human dignity.

Caux Round Table Secretariats

N    Europe:

Maartens de Pous, Coordinator

Amaliastraat 10,

2514 JC The Hague,

The Netherlands

Tel.: 070 364 3591

Fax: 070 361 7209

N    Japan:

4-13-4 Sendagi Bunkyo-ku,

Tokyo 113 Tel.: 03 3821 3737

Fax: 03 3821 6479

N    USA:

1156 15th St, NW, Suite 910,

Washington DC 20005

Tel.: 202 872 9038

Fax: 202 872 9137

The Caux Round Table is affiliated to:

Minnesota Center for Corporate


1000 La Salle Avenue,


MN 55403-4122, USA

Tel.: 612 962 4122

Fax: 612 962 4125

The Institute of Business Ethics

12 Palace Street, London

SW1E 5JA, United Kingdom

Director: Stanley Kiaer

N conducts regular surveys and

publishes papers on business ethics. It has also published a model code for businesses which includes a reference to human rights.

Hong Kong

Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)

N As a response to an increasing

number of reports of corruption, the ICAC launched a campaign in 1994 beginning with Hong Kong's first ever Conference on Business Ethics. The conference was organized by the six leading chambers of commerce and the ICAC, and sponsored by over 100 trade and professional bodies. It was attended by over 3,000 business leaders, who agreed that a set of broad guidelines in the form of a corporate code of conduct should be formulated and recommended to all listed and large private companies in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Ethics Development Centre

1/F Tung Wah Mansion,

199-203 Hennessy Rd,


Tel.: 2587 9812

Fax: 2824 9766

Exec. Sec.: Mr Lawrence Tse

Dep. Exec. Sec.: Mrs Helen Lee

N Set up under the auspices of the

community relations department of the ICAC and its resource centre opened in May 1995. In addition to providing a library and inquiries service, a team of officers will launch a corporate ethics program for business organizations and will coordinate activities to promote work ethics among young people. It also produces a quarterly newsletter, Ethics in Practice.


Business for Social Responsibility

1850 M St NW, Ste 750,

Washington DC 20036

Tel.: 202 872 5206

Fax: 202 872 5227

Pres. : Michael Levett

N has 700 members _ small and

medium-size businesses _ and promotes responsible and ethical corporate business behaviour and public policy.

Council on Economic Priorities

30 Irving Place,

New York, NY 10003

Tel.: 800 882 6435

N compiles and makes available

information on the social responsibility of individual corporations.

Investor Responsibility Research


Suite 700,

1350 Connecticut Ave, NW

Washington, DC 20036-1701

Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

University of Virginia,

Darden School, PO Box 6550,

Charlottesville, VA 22906

Tel.: 804 924 0935

Womens' non-governmental organizations

Regional structures are being organized to undertake and facilitate follow-up action to the World Conference in Beijing in each region. Please contact the following for up-to-date information:


FDEA/FAVDO Women's Network

Point Focal Afrique Pour Beijing

Sicap Amitie,

Avenue Bourguiba

Villa No. 4336, B.P. 3921

Dakar, Senegal

Contact: Soukeyna Ndiaye Ba

African Women's Development & Communications Network (FEMNET) P.O. Box 54562,

Nairobi, Kenya

e-mail: femnet@elci.gn.apc.org

Contact: Njoki Wainaina

Asia & the Pacific

Pan Pacific/SE Asia Women's Assn. Intl

2234 Petcuhburi Road

Bangkok 10310, Thailand

Fax: 2-718-0372

Contact: Sumalee Chartikavanij

Pacific Regional YWCA

P.O. Box 3940, Samabula

Suva, Fiji

Fax: 301-222

Tel.: 304-961

Contact: Salamo Fulivai

Europe & North America

ECE Working Group,


Office E2-1, NGO Lounge

Palais des Nations, CH-1211

Geneva 10, Switzerland

Fax: 22-917-0181

Tel: 22-917-4735

e-mail: ngoecewomen@gn.apc.org

International Liaison: Danielle Bridel

Women's Resource Centre

301 Vaughan Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba,

R3B 2N7, Canada

Fax: 204-943-6159

Tel.: 204-489-3531

Contact: Stella Zola Lejohn

Latin America & the Caribbean


Avenida Rafael Nunex 4329

Cordoba 5009, Argentina

Fax: 51-814-063

Tel.: 51-811903/814063

e-mail: anafalu@wamani.apc.org

Contact: Ana Falu

Parque Hernan Velarde 42

Lima 1, Peru

Fax: 14-339-500 Tel.: 14-330-488

e-mail: flora@geo2geomail.org

Contact: Virginia Vargas, Flora Tristan

Middle East

Alliance for Arab Women

28 Adly Street - Flat 74, Fl. 7

Cairo, Egypt

Fax: 2-393-6820

Contact: Western Asia, Hoda Badran

General Federation of Arab Women

P.O.Box 9796, Jabel El-Hussain

Amman, Jordan

Fax: 6-694-810

Contact: Haifa Abu Ghazaleh


Congo offices/Status of women committees

Conference of NGO's (CONGO)

777 UN Plaza - 8th Floor

NYC, NY 10017, USA

Fax: 212-986-0821/682-5354

(New York)

Fax: 301-530-1760 (Maryland)

Contact: Afaf Mahfouz, 1st Vice -President

NGO Committee on the Status of Women, NY

777 UN Plaza 8th Floor

NYC, NY 10017, USA

Fax: 212-986-0821/682 5354

Tel: 212-986-8557

Contact: Sudha Acharya, Chairperson

Vienna NGO Committee on the Status of Women

Kirchengasse 26,

A-1070 Vienna, Austria

Tel./Fax: 1-526 18 99

Contact: Marlene Parenzam, International Liaison

Geneva NGO Subcommittee on the Status of Women

Office E2-1, NGO Lounge,

Palais des Nations, CH-1211

Geneva 10, Switzerland

Fax: 22-917-0181

Tel: 22-917-4735

e-mail: goecewomen@gn.apc.org

Contact: Irene Hoskins, Chairperson

Amnesty International Campaign Manual