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Amnesty International Campaign Manual



This appendix lists useful publications and sources of information which may help you when you are devising a campaigning strategy, working with others, or simply need to look up information. It is arranged under the following headings:

N    Children / 304

N    Children's rights / 304

N    Youth / 305

N    Religion / 305

N    Business / 305

N    Fundraising / 306


An Introduction to the Convention on the Rights of the Child;

Christine Lundy

Full Circle Press,

c/o Gothic Design,

RR #4, St Thomas,

Ontario, Canada N5P 3S8

Fax: 519 - 775 0099

N US$7.50 plus 15% postage and packing

Papers of the Stockholm Congress

c/o DCI, PO Box 88,

1211 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel.: 22 - 754 0558

Fax: 22 - 740 1145

e-mail dci-hq@pingnet.ch

N law reform and enforcement;

prevention and psycho-social rehabilitation; tourism and children in prostitution; the sex exploiter; health and psycho-social dimension; media; child pornography; education; social values

N copies from the NGO Group

for the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Ombudswork for Children; Innocenti Digest No 1

UNICEF International Child

Development Centre,

Piazza SS Annunziata 12, 50122 Florence, Italy

Tel.: 55 - 234 5258

Fax: 55 - 244 817

N key information on a critical

children's rights concern

Have we asked the children?

International Working Group

on Child Labour, 1997

Huddestraat 3,

1018 HB Amsterdam,


Fax: 20 - 422 0443

Tel.: 20 - 422 0444

Monitoring and measuring the state of children _ Beyond survival;

Helmut Wintersberger and

Asher Ben Arieh, 1997

National Council for the Child,

20 Metudela Street,

Jerusalem 92306, Israel

Tel.: 2 - 563 9191

Fax: 2 - 563 6869

e-mail: Benarieh@shum.cc.huji.ac.il

UN Convention on the rights of the child training kit

International Save the Children


Save the Children,

17 Grove Lane,

London, SE5 8RD,

United Kingdom

Tel.: 171 - 703 5400

Fax: 171 - 708 2508

N £28.00 plus postage and

packing £5.00 (UK), £10 rest of the world

Children's Participation Pack: a practical guide for playworkers

The Children's Participation


Kirklees Metropolitan Council, Save the Children,

United Kingdom

N ordering as above

Never too young: How young children can take responsibility and make decisions. A handbook for early years workers

Judy Miller,

National Early Years Network, Save the Children,

United Kingdom

N ordering as above

Empowering children and young people: Training Manual

Children's Rights Office and

Save the Children,

United Kingdom.

N ordering as above

World's Web: the global education pack for work with young people

Save the Children, UK

N ordering as above

Position on child work

International Save the Children


59 chemin Moise Duboule,

CH 1909 Geneva, Switzerland

Tel: 22-788 8180

Fax: 22-788 8154




Children: the invisible soldiers

Rachel Brett and Margaret McCallin, 1996

Rädda Barnen,

107 88 Stockholm,


Fax: 8 - 689 9013

Tel.: 8 - 689 9000

e-mail: info@rb.se


Early child development: Investing in our children's future

Mary Eming Young,

The World Bank,

ISBN 0-444-82605

Fax: 202 - 522 3234



Children's rights

I am a child, I have rights

Save the Children,

UNICEF and Ministry of

Education, Liberia

N copies from Save the Children,

ordering as above

My rights, Part 1 (5-8 years),

Part 2 (9-12 years),

Part 3 (13-18 years)

The Swedish NGO Child

Convention Group,

Rädda Barnen,

107 88 Stockholm,


Tel.: 8-698 9000

Fax: 8-698 9013

My rights in our world

Children's Rights Office,

235 Shaftesbury Avenue,

London, WC2H 8EL,

United Kingdom

Tel.: 171 - 240 4449

Fax: 171 - 240 4514

e-mail: crights@ftech.co.uk

N £1.50

Our book... of child rights Kathy Keirle Ali and Zulfiquar

Ali (English and Arabic)

Human Rights Education


11-B Main Korangi Road,

Phase 1, DHA Karachi,


Tel.: 21 - 588 6273



We want our right to education, Children's Rights and Responsibilities, Women and girls have rights too

Three booklets from Kuleana Centre for Children's Rights, in English and Kiswahili

Children's rights memory game

Kuleana Centre for Children's


PO Box 27,

Mwanza, Tanzania

Tel.: 68 - 500 911

Fax: 68 - 42402



Questions Parents Ask, Voices of Youth brochure

also available on the internet:


Its only right: A pratical guide to learning about the Convention on the Rights of the Child

UNICEF New York,

3 UN Plaza, New York 10017

Fax: 212 - 755 1449


The Rights Kit! produced AI Canada (E-S):

N Acts as a “handbook” for

Youth Campus groups. It includes an overview of the Youth Campus program plus information on group

organization, branch resources, letter-writing,

campaigning and fundraising. A glossary, record sheets and a variety of key AI pamphlets are included, plus an appendix of articles on AI's history and recent human rights concerns, publicity materials and sample posters. It is also a helpful resource for AI members working with Youth Campus groups or doing outreach on this target sector.

Youth Can Change the World - Youth and Student Activism in Amnesty International: Youth Campus Program

N This is aimed at students and

youth interested in AI and AI members doing outreach with youth. It is a booklet with loose enclosures and includes an overview of individual, multi-issue club and Youth Campus group membership options, advice on how to start campaigning for human rights, registration forms, sample actions and letter-writing advice.

Amnesty International National Student Program AIUSA: pack

N Includes leaflets on the

following areas: What is Amnesty International?; How to find what you need in AI; How to fundraise for your group; How to plan events; How to publicize your events; How to run fabulous meetings; How to recruit and retain members; How to work with your administration; How to be a great faculty advisor; How to move towards diversity. It also has a brochure entitled Overview for Action which includes background on AI and on techniques of letter writing, Urgent Actions, fundraising, campus and local outreach, campaigns, action opportunities and training.

SAY is the national student magazine of AIUSA developed specifically for students with information, actions, updates as well as articles and poems written by students themselves.


Arguments for Human Rights from the World's Religions (produced by AI-UK)

Religions against the Death Penalty: The Case for Abolition (AI-UK)

Vrij of Vogelvrij (produced in 1995 by Belgian Section)

N includes some of AI's recent

campaigns/actions on religious issues, a survey of the relevant international declarations and conventions relating to the fundamental right of religious freedom, and issues around the “universality” of religious freedom. The booklet also gives some relevant texts on human rights from the Roman Catholic Church and from the World Council of Churches, and a biblical reflection on religious freedom.

IS campaign circulars with advice on how to approach religious groups include:

1989 Campaign against the Death Penalty: Circular No. 15 _ Approaches to the

religious target sector.

N This gives a brief outline of

attitudes to human rights from the point of view of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, and suggestions on how to approach members of these faiths.

Religious Action 1993 (AI Index: ACT 79/01/92):

N cases of violations of human

rights of religious people from 13 countries, and suggestions for action.


Business and Society Review


Gorham and Lamont Inc,

One Penn Plaza, 42nd Fl,

New York, NY 10119, USA

Tel.: 800 950 1210/212-971


N quarterly

Codes of Professional


Bureau of National Affairs, Inc,

1250 23rd St, NW, Washington DC 20037, USA

Tel.: 800 372 1033/202- 452


Fax: 202 - 822 8092

N contains full text or substantial

excerpts of the official codes of ethics of major professional groups in the fields of law, business and health care.

Corporate Responsibility Monitor

Datacenter, 464 19th St,

Oakland, CA 94612, USA

Tel.: 510-835 4692

Fax: 510-835 3017

N bimonthly

Domini Social Index (DSI)

Kinder, Lydenberg, Domini

and Co Inc

129 Mt Auburn St,

Cambridge, MA

Tel.: 617-731 9228

N diversified portfolio of 400

publicly traded US companies, screened on multiple social criteria, maintained by Kinder, Lydenberg, Domini and Co, Inc since 1990. Publishes detailed information on the social records of over 750 public US corporations and consults with institutional investors on the integration of social screens with financial investments.

Journal of Business Ethics

Kluwer Academic Publishers

PO Box 358, Accord Station,

Hingham, MA 02018, USA

Tel.: 617-871 6600

Rating America's Corporate


Addison-Wesley Publishing

Co, Inc,

One Jacob Way, Reading,

MA 01867, USA

Tel.: 800-447 2226/617-944


N discusses the corporate social

responsibility of individual US corporations. Compiled by the Council on Economic Priorities.


The Complete Fundraising Handbook,

Sam Clark, 1992

(ISBN 0-907164-65-X)

Amnesty International Campaign Manual