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Amnesty International Campaign Manual


g            A question (to answer to help devise strategy or to pose to others)

N            A point being highlighted

M            A sub-point being highlighted

f            A warning, or a particularly important point

j            Item on a checklist of things you can do

c            A tip

AGM        Annual General Meeting

AI        Amnesty International

AICS (ES)    Amnesty International Canadian Section (English-speaking)

AINZ        Amnesty International New Zealand

AIUK        Amnesty International United Kingdom

AIUSA    Amnesty International of the USA

ANAT        Audio News Access Tape

ANR        Audio News Release

APC        Association for Progressive Communications

APEC        Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation

ARABAI    Amnesty International Arabic Publishing

co-group    An AI Section's coordination group

CCR        Campaigns and Crisis Response program

CRC        Committee on the Rights of the Child

ECOSOC    Economic and Social Council

EDAI        Editorial Amnistía Internacional

EFAI        Editions francophones d'Amnesty International

EJE        Extrajudicial execution

EU        European Union

FGM        Female genital mutilation

FWG        Fundraising Working Group

HRA        Human rights awareness

HRE        Human rights education

IBA        International Bar Association

ICCPR        International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

ICESCR    International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

ICJ        International Commission of Jurists

ICM        International Council Meeting

ICRC        International Committee of the Red Cross

IEC        International Executive Committee

IFRG        International Fund-Raising Group

IGO        Intergovernmental organization

ILC        International Labour Conference

ILO        International Labour Organisation

IMET        International Military Education and Training

IS        International Secretariat

IWGC        International Working Group for Children

LIOP        Legal and International Organizations Program

MEC        Military, economic and cultural (relations) MSP        Military, security and police (transfers)

NAT        News Access Tape

NATO        North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NGE        Non-governmental entity

NGO        Non-governmental organization

OAS        Organization of American States

OAU        Organization of African Unity

ODA        Overseas Development Assistance

OSCE        Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Q&A        Questions and answers

RAN        Regional Action Network

RMP        Research and Mandate Program

SWOT        Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

SYSTEC    Systematic Evaluation of Techniques

UA        Urgent Action

UDHR        Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UK        United Kingdom

UN        United Nations

UNDP        UN Development Programme

UNESCO    UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNHCR    UN High Commissioner for Refugees

UNICEF    UN Children's Fund

USA        United States of America

VNR        Video News Release

Amnesty International Campaign Manual