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Peace Clip-Art Graphics

This is a collection of 259 scanned TIFF images that I have gathered over the years. My motivation for doing this is because I wanted computer clip-art graphics for a local peace and justice newsletter that I edit, and I couldn't find a source of appropriate peace graphics. I began this collection several years ago when I laid out the newsletter in WordPerfect, and original- ly posted two files of WPG (WordPerfect's graphic format) files to the Simtel20 shareware FTP site. These files are still available in the WordPer- fect directory as CPG1.ZIP and CPG2.ZIP. Since then, I have converted the newsletter operation to PageMaker (which can't accept WPG graphics--therefore these graphics are in TIFF format) and also touched up most of the previous graphics as my scanning techniques improved. In order to make them manage- able, I have broken up the graphics collection into 5 files. All together, these files represent about 8 megabytes of graphics. No file names are repeated (except this readme file, which is identical in each file), so you can unzip all 5 files into one directory.

A problem with so many graphics is trying to remember what they all look like and how people01.tif is different from people08.tif (sorry that I wasn't more original with my naming conventions). I suggest that you get a graphic cataloger to make a printout of all of the graphics. The best that I have found is the Clip Art Graphics Catalog Builder for WordPerfect. There are two versions of this program CGCATWP30.ZIP (for WordPerfect 5.1/6.0 for DOS) and GCATWPW1.ZIP (WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows). Both files can be found in the wordperf directory of simtel20 and its mirrors (wuarchive.wustl.edu, etc.), or directly from the author, Jerry Stern, P.O. Box 20234, Baltimore, Maryland 21284-0234; phone/FAX (410) 661-2224, for $20.

If you want to use the files in a different format (like PCX or GIF), I suggest Graphic Workshop version 6.1v available as GRFWK61V.ZIP in the graphics directory of simtel20 or for $40.00 from Alchemy Mindworks Inc., P.O. Box 500, Beeton, Ontario L0G 1A0, Canada. Alchemy also makes a Graphic Catalog program which does not require WordPerfect (available as GRAFCT30.ZIP, also in the graphics directory of simtel20) which also costs $40.00.

Please note that all of these files are zipped with the new version of pkzip (PKZ204G.EXE), which can be found in the zip directory of simtel20.

These graphics are free. I do not hold a copyright for them and I do not request or expect payment for their use. If you do find them useful, though, I suggest that you send a tax-deductible donation ($20 would be helpful) to Synapses, 1821 W. Cullerton, Chicago, IL 60608; tel. (312) 421-5513; fax (312) 421-5762; peacenet: synapses. Synapses is a grass-roots, interfaith, international, peace action network. Many of these graphics are from their collection, and they have inspired me to make these graphics widely-available for use in other peace-oriented newsletters.

Marc Becker
746 Mississippi
Lawrence, KS 66044
(913) 841-5660