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(From an Amnesty activist who added to the collection.)

No matter what we say, a good first impression will generally give you an edge when seeking people's interest. This is especially true in today's workplace, campuses, and community, where everyone is inundated with images and sounds, all vieing for their share of attention. With this in mind, I have collected a large set of graphics that Amnesty International and other activists will find of potential use. Only a few of them have been scanned into computeresque by myself. The bulk was done by Jerry Stern in Baltimore, Maryland, which he has graciously posted for public usage on Internet, via SimTel20 and its mirrors (look to disk3 in readme1.txt for information on him.) Also included is a set of 41 pieces by Per Schmeling of Sweden; whose graphics were taken from European section's newsletters.

This collection is being offered for free (or, at the most the cost of the disks and postage.) Unfortunately there is so centralized location of distribution yet though there should be one soon.

Included are some hints on the usage of the graphics, but please be aware that I nor you (most likely) hold the copyright to these graphics. Neither of us should attempt to make money from or by using the artists efforts. Working at Kinko's Copies I see a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the copyright laws. Essentially, when someone makes something, they are protected by law against the unauthorized usage of it. Many people still love to copy cartoons and the like for their newsletters but according to the law they should not (without permission that is)...and Kinko's Copies, for example, will not do it either. This is a moral dilemma for many, because there is a fair-use clause that attempts to make the law reasonable (see Fair Use of Copyrights). I have seen many of these graphics around Amnesty-paperland and cannot see a reason for a problem with using graphics that are not attributed to anyone...recycled symbol, AI symbol for AI people doing AI work....Just use common sense.

Just some hints for standard usage (not being a legal expert of course.) If the name of the artist is known, be sure to put it under the photograph Do not use graphics that somebody else created in a profit-making venture without the author's written permission. This might entail you paying a royalty, but hey, they made it.