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The Amnesty-Volunteer project has web space on which we host home pages of Amnesty groups and structures that, by their presence or through services they perform, support the objectives of the Amnesty-Volunteer project -- to build a shared international online resouce for the Amnesty community.

Use this form to apply for web hosting for your Amnesty group or structure. You must already be a registered user of to apply. If you are not yet a user, and if you belong to a section that has an amnesty-volunteer gatekeeper, you should use use another form to apply for access first.

Amnesty-volunteer user name (or the desired user name if you need to apply for one. See above) (We encourage you to use first initial and last name as your username)
AI group/structure name
Requested URL:
Group password requested:

(This password allows you to install your pages to your group's subdirectory on amnesty-volunter)
Retype group password:

You can submit the form now.

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