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Become a Contributor of Amnesty Volunteer Site

Send email to ai-admin at aivol.org if you are interested in any of the following.

The goal of amnesty-volunteer.org is to create a comprehensive archive of resources that are useful to an Amnesty volunteer's human rights work. So far we have collected documents on Amnesty policies, a compendium of resources on how to do case work, a large collection of activist clip art, and training modules covering subjects such as mandate, fundraising, media work, etc. We want to receive more contributions from the Amnesty community worldwide. If you have resources (e.g., how to develop a flourishing local group, tips on campaign work or fundraising, Amnesty graphics, links to human rights resources) that you think other Amnesty volunteers can use, then we are interested in having them. Very often an Amnesty section develops valuable resources but no mechanism exists for sharing them with volunteers from another section. Amnesty-volunteer.org hopes to fill this gap.

Amnesty-volunteer.org is run by a group of volunteers in collaboration with staff members from the IS and several AI sections. We work in teams on different aspects of the site. If you want to contribute as developers or to be on committees that oversee development in specific areas (e.g., creating resources on fundraising) please contact us. Currently we have one committee devoted to creating resources to help volunteers do their Amnesty casework.

Amnesty-volunteer.org also provides space for certain AI groups or structures that want to have their host pages hosted at amnesty-volunteer.org. See our public area for the AI structures currently hosted at this site. We provide a password-protected ftp directory for you to upload your files and a web page for you to install them to your assigned directory.