Action of the Month

Sudan: Sentenced to death for killing her rapist

Having already endured rape by the man she was forced to marry at just 16, Noura Hussein used a kitchen knife to protect herself when he tried to rape her again. Sudanese law doesn’t recognise marital rape and now she faces execution for an act of self-defence. Demand justice for Noura.
Tell the Sudanese authorities to repeal Noura’s death sentence.

Please take part in this Amnesty Campaign.

The group in action

Next Group Meeting

The next group meeting will take place on Monday, 9th July 2018, at 7:30 pm in the Focus Room of the Avenue St Andrew's United Reformed Church. The meetings are public and everybody is welcome: please come and join us.

Topic of the meeting: Annual General Meeting: there will be a recap of the activity of the past year and preliminary planning for next year.

For directions to the meeting venue please follow this link.

For more information about the meeting please contact us.