Group 19 Photo Album

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2006 October 21 Tabling at Lytton Plaza

From left: Ed Laak, Elizabeth Duncan, Diana Young, Terry McCaffrey

2004 March Tabling at Mountain View Farmers Market

Bertram and Lee Boucher

2003 July 25 Mango Cafe Farewell Dinner for Departing Group Coordinator James Cowdery

From left: Jim Grossell, Diana Young, Lee Boucher, Kat Beyer, Samson Tu, Terry McCaffrey, James Cowdery, Chris, Ed Laak.

2003 February Group Meeting

Max Tronik and Jim Grossell

2003 February Group Meeting

James Cowdery and Hallie

2003 February Group Meeting

Eric Aker, Lee Boucher, Ed Laak

2001 December Group Meeting
Lee Boucher Tabling 1997 Lee Boucher tabling in front of Kepler's

1995 Group 19 Meeting

Sitting (from left): Ines Kemper, Mary Ericsson, Samson Tu, SanjayVaidya.
First standing row (from left): Vicky Pelton, Michael Gold, Lois Joseph, Anne Spratt, Terrie Rodello
Back row (from left): Max Tronik, Manish Raizada, Lee Boucher, Robert Maldonado, Jane Jerome, Achim Weidemann, Rena Margulis, Ed Laak

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