Welcome to the web site of the Southern Region Regional Planning Group (RPG).

What should Amnesty be working on? What should we be doing in the South? How do we mobilize our membership? How do we expand it? These questions are at the heart of planning AI's work. This website will serve as one way for membership to be involved in answering those questions and others.

You can learn more about the RPG (including how to be a representative) at the Who Is The RPG? Section.

Visioning, although still under construction, is a place where you--the membership- can add your thoughts about the human rights movement. We invite thoughtful essays, poems, artwork, etc. asking and answering questions on what is human rights, what should AI be doing, how do the different aspects of human rights interrelate, what is AI's role in the larger movements.

Human Rights Links are, of course, links to interesting human rights sites around the web.

Southern Regional Goals is the list of Fiscal Year 2000-2001 goals for the South. We ask that you familiarize yourself with this list and provide feedback through the Regional Goals Survey.

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To contact us:


Amnesty International USA
Southern Regional Office
131 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE
Suite 220
Atlanta, GA 30308