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(courtesy Jon Orchard, Dallas; this letter was very successful)

Dear Fellow Travelers,

We hate to say goodbye. Your yearly dues of $15 help underwrite the Dallas-Ft. Worth newsletter, overseas postage, and human rights education. But, we havenít heard from you lately and economy demands that we do some housekeeping on our mailing list.

STATE OF THE METROPLEX: We have kept our volunteer-run office open for two years now. Phones, a computer and two printers, a fax machine, office furniture, and most recently, a very nice copier (from West Piano Presbyterian Church) have been donated. From the office we coordinate statewide legislative and other activities. We recently joined the Catholic Bishops of Texas and Pope John Paul II in obtaining a 30-day stay in the execution of Johnny Garret from Gov. Richards.

During the eleven years that a local Amnesty International Chapter has existed in Dallas, members have built a reputation for effectiveness both locally and nationally. To the credit of local volunteers and supporters, Dallas will host Amnesty International USAís 1993 Annual General Meeting. In the past, only the five cities which have regional offices have had a national conference. For the first time, many members in the Southwest will be able to participate.

Like some of you, I have been involved with Group 205 for many years. I continue to be moved and amazed by the work volunteers do in outreach in education, letter writing, and fundraising, like working concession stands at football and basketball games. Believe me, we couldnít pay these people to do what they do for free(dom). Your continued involvement means moral as well as economic support. Donít let a good relationship end. Renew your membership.

Thank you very much for your past support.

Yours sincerely,

Jon Orchard



(courtesy Group 174, Portland, Maine)

Dear Al Supporter:

As you know, Amnesty International is a worldwide nonpartisan movement working for the protection of human rights. Local Amnesty Group 174 is holding its Third Annual Human Rights Award Dinner on May 14th at the Portland Club. The dinner is a time for Amnesty International activists and supporters to get acquainted and pay tribute to an individual who has been outstanding in the struggle for human rights. The dinner will be followed with music by the Mark Kleinhaut Quartet, a popular local jazz band.

This year we will be presenting the award to one of our local members, Reza Jalali. Jalali, once a prisoner of conscience in Iran, knows firsthand the importance of Amnesty Internationalís work. Speaking at colleges and various events, Jalali has long been an advocate for a single standard of human rights for all. He is currently a member of AIUSAís Board of Directors and the Housing Director for Portland West Planning Council. (continued on reverse)

We are fortunate this year to have as our guests three other prominent human rights activists. The keynote address of the evening will be by First District Congressional Representative Tom Andrews, also an Amnesty International member. Andrews will be speaking about the United States governmentís role in Alís work. Susannah Sirkin, Deputy Director of Physicians for Human Rights, will also be on hand to discuss human rights in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Human Rights Award will be presented to Jalali by Curt Goering, Acting Executive Director of AIUSA.

This will be an inspiring evening, to celebrate our successes and recognize the importance of human rights. Amnesty International actions have contributed to the release of tens of thousands of unjustly imprisoned individuals and a worldwide reduction of torture, executions, and other human rights abuses. We look forward to having you join us.


Rachel J. Vallieres,
Al Group 174 Coordinator

[RSVP form was printed on bottom of page, so recipients could reserve tickets ($15 for members, $20 for non-members). Sponsors who underwrote a table for $160 had their names listed in the program and a placard placed at their seats. Also, the form offered a chicken or vegetarian entree, and a place to check off "I cannot attend but wish to contribute $ ---; and "Please send me more information about Amnesty International," plus spaces for respondentís name, address, and phone.l


Dear [mail merge or hand-write, to acknowledge gift personally],

Thank you for your [pledge/gift] to Amnesty International Group --. During our annual [membership drive, Write-a-Thon, Radio-Thon], we have received over $ -- in donations to support our work.

Amnesty International is the worldís foremost organization working to stop torture, executions, and unjust imprisonment. We are proud of our 32-year record of drawing worldwide attention to such abuses, and of writing letters and taking other actions which stop torture and set prisoners free. We are grateful for the international recognition we have received, including a Nobel Peace Prize.

[You might want to write a few sentences here about your groupís local accomplishments--i.e., bringing a human rights message to kids in a local school; writing letters for an Urgent Action case and finding out in the Update that she or he was freed. Here is an alternative paragraph:] The letters we receive from former prisoners are the most compelling evidence of our success. A former prisoner of conscience from Czechoslavakia wrote, "It was immensely emotional for us to know that we were not forgotten." A leader of Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, an organization for relatives of disappeared men, women, and children in Argentina, wrote that "Amnesty has been our first and faithful friend." Dean Reverend Simon Farisani, a black Lutheran minister in South Africa, wrote, "if you ever wonder if your support of AIUSA really matters, feel confident it does. Bless you... I owe you and Amnesty International my life."

Because we are funded entirely by private donations, we deeply appreciate your contribution. We will send you our quarterly newsletter for the next year, to keep you up to. date on our activities. If you have questions at any time, please donít hesitate to call me.

Again, thank you for your support. Together we can stop torture and free prisoners of conscience.




Amnesty International Group _________________ and Radio Station ___________ hereby agree to conduct a Radio-Thon on ___________________ (date), from ___________ to _______ (time). This will be a fundraising event for the Amnesty International group, to whom all proceeds shall be given. Below is a list of responsibilities which each party agrees to undertake.


Supply enough volunteers to answer the phones on the day of the event.

Make available spokespersons available to pre-tape interviews and readings to be aired during the Radio-Thon.

Send two follow-up mailings to collect pledges made by callers.

Provide publicity for the event to local print media and to Amnesty International members and supporters in the listening area.


Provide extensive on-air promotion of the event, starting at least two weeks before the Radio-Thon is scheduled to occur.

Ask disc jockeys who will work during the Radio-Thon to attend a pre-event information meeting led by a representative of Amnesty International. scheduled at the time most convenient for these disc jockeys.

Pre-tape interviews and readings by Amnesty International spokespersons and play these during the event.

Play all requests taken during the Radio-Thon (subject to format approval).


Funds for Freedom

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