The Southampton City Group

Our group was formed in March 1964 and is one of the longest standing groups in the U.K. Section of Amnesty International. The thread that binds us all together is the willingness to dedicate on a regular basis a little bit of our time to the defence of Human Rights.

In June 2011 we created a "Book of memories" of the group to celebrate Amnesty International's 50th birthday. You can browse the "Book of memories" or download a PDF version of it (70 MBytes).

We work on a variety of tasks, detailed in the Campaigns page, with the guidance of Amnesty International. However, our activity is organised around three main themes:

  1. Campaign for the respect of human rights - This is done by writing letters to UK and non-UK government officials, to prisoners and human rights defenders.

  2. Raise awareness of human rights in the local community - We organise social events, we stage activities in public places, we provide speakers on request and we have supportive networks within local churches, schools and colleges as well as among ethnic minority groups in the area. If you would like a speaker from the group at one of your events please contact us.

  3. Raise funds for Amnesty International - We organise fee paying social events (concerts, for example), we participate in Community fairs and we appeal directly to the generosity of the public with regular tin rattles.

The group meets on the second Monday of every month except August at 7:30 pm in the Focus Room of the Avenue St Andrew's Church. For directions to the meeting venue please follow this link.

The group meetings are public:
please come and take part in the
defence of Human Rights
across the World.

For more information about the group please contact us.